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Facets 2021 Collection & House of Pride Sets

The Facets 2021 Collection is here! These exquisite true holographic jelly polishes were formulated to resemble fresh cut fine gemstones.

Their luster passes the “four Cs” (color, cute, clarity, and carats) and provides an instant serotonin boost when our “55 carat” bottles hits the light revealing their sparkling holo dimension. Dazzling brilliance. Captivating color. The fire and scintillation of precious jewels. Angelic vivid jellies with depth. These stones won’t break the bank, though.

Champagne Diamond - Light beige

Champagne Diamond – Light beige

Pink Diamond - Light Pink

Pink Diamond – Light Pink

Aquamarine - Light Blue

Aquamarine – Light Blue

Spinel - Purple-Magenta

Spinel – Purple-Magenta

Fire Opal - Bright Red

Fire Opal – Bright Red

Tsavorite - Kelly Green

Tsavorite – Kelly Green

Inspired by the Progress Pride Flag, these Limited Edition Do Good gift sets are launching today as well! 100% of the net proceeds from our House of Pride set will benefit the Transgender Law Center, the largest national trans-led organization advocating for all people to live safely, authentically, and free from discrimination regardless of their gender identity through policy changes and community-driven strategies. 

Pride Sets

House of Rainbow Set

House of Rainbow

Fire Opal, Citrine, Tsavorite, Sapphire, Spinel

House of Holo Pride Set

House of Holo

Smoky Quartz, Champagne Diamond, Pink Diamond, Aquamarine, Crushed Ice

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