Famous Perfumery Roses : Rose Damascena

Last week I covered the topic of rose de mai, or rosa centifolia, and it’s only fitting to turn my attention to the other famous perfumery rose, rose damascena or rosa damascena. Richer in essential oils than centifolia, it’s the most important rose cultivar for fragrances. In my video, I will describe this variety, show how rose absolute and rose oil look alike and explain where it’s grown.

Of course, I will also discuss rose damascena in fragrances. Although associated with feminine perfumery, roses of all types, natural and synthetic, are are used in masculine fragrances as well as compositions that are not obviously floral. I will explain how perfumers use rose nuances and to what effect.

To give you a sneak preview of the perfumes discussed, here is my list:
Chanel Allure
Ormonde Jayne Damask
Killian A Taste of Heaven
Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey
Yves Rocher Comme Une Evidence
Annick Goutal Ce Soir au Jamais

Here is the video about Rose de mai, if you would like to start from the beginning.

As always, I love hearing about your favorites and any observations on roses that you’d like to share.

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