Finding Your Passion in Cosmetology

Covid-19 hasn’t prevented Empire Beauty School students from thriving in the classroom and pursuing their goals. Between the high-energy classroom setting, dedicated instructors, and vibrant atmosphere, Empire Beauty Schools across the country are living up to their mission statement,

“To Create Opportunities For People To Improve Their Lives.”

Shelly Barnhill, Executive Director at Empire Beauty School Louisville/Chenoweth

At Empire Beauty School, students get access to in-depth cosmetology classes and are also given the opportunity to put what they learn into practice. These interactive courses cover subjects like hair coloring and shaping, nail technology, facial treatments and make-up, cosmetology law, chemical hair treatments, and a variety of others. For many students, the wide-ranging, diverse catalog of courses opened their eyes to new possibilities within the field of cosmetology and inspired them to tap into these newly discovered interests.

Jalisa Meaux , Empire Beauty School Student

28-year-old student Jalisa Meaux ‘s dreams really began to take shape when she was introduced to the skincare classes at Empire Beauty School in Louisville/Chenoweth.

When I first started, my main focus was just doing hair,” Meaux said. “But when I got into facials and skincare, I started to love that too because I was learning so much more about it.”

After she graduates, Meaux plans to own and operate her own salon dedicated to both hair and skincare, a vision that was inspired by her classes and instructors at Empire Beauty School.

Obtaining a cosmetology license is the starting point for a myriad of career avenues. In its 85-year history, Empire Beauty School has produced students that have utilized their education to become hair, skin, and nail specialists, stylists, make-up artists, product developers, business owners, and even educators. Many past students had such a transformatively positive experience at Empire Beauty School that they decided to return and share their knowledge and abilities with others.

Beverly Dykes, Career Planning Specialist for Empire Beauty School Louisville/Chenoweth

Beverly Dykes, a career planning specialist for Empire Beauty School, says that she’s adamant about learning each incoming student’s specific passion in order to better help them achieve their goals.

Everybody’s here for cosmetology, but everybody has different goals, and I love that,” Dykes said.

When it comes to ushering in new or prospective students, Dykes leaves no stone unturned. Understanding that every student enters in with a different background, she makes sure to discuss all available options regarding lifestyle, schedule, and finances.

Much like Dykes, Empire’s educators and staff live to see students succeed, and equip students with the tools and practices needed to do so.

I know the passion that comes out of these educators,” Dykes said. “They go over and beyond.

Even if you haven’t yet decided where or whether to pursue a career in cosmetology, Empire Beauty School would love to get to know you and discuss your dreams for the future. If you have any questions regarding our program, cost, or what you can expect from our school, please contact us at

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