Firmenich Scentmate AI fragrance tool aims to empower Indie beauty brands


Unveiled last month after around one-year in development, Scentmate was Firmenich’s latest digital tool designed to empower brand owners on the creation and delivery of fragrances in body care, hair care, air care and other categories.

Users simply connected online and interacted with questionnaires and visuals to build-out scent profiles that matched specific brand needs – suggestions spun out by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) software powering the platform from pre-curated blends designed by expert perfumers with years of knowledge and data access. Interaction with these experts was also possible along the entire creation process, ahead of samples being sent directly to the user, dramatically speeding up a traditionally timely and expensive process.

Empowering the booming small beauty entrepreneurs

“COVID accelerated even further the belief that this industry is transforming,” ​said Ilaria Resta, president of global perfumery at Firmenich.

“And it’s transforming because, on top of the traditional players – well-established companies in the market – as you know, there are more and more indie brands, small entrepreneurs, that are accessing the market because the digital and e-commerce marketplace gives more room for young entrepreneurs and small companies to be known and distribute their products,”​ Resta told CosmeticsDesign-Europe.

And this, she said, had given rise to additional development needs – notably scent creation.

“Finding and developing products is not always easy and providing the brief of a fragrance is sometimes complicated because from a basic description it’s very hard to really give a precise brief.”

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