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Stephanie Sey is a consultant trichologist and a graduate and member of the Institute of Trichologists. She is also the founder of Stephanie Sey Trichology, which aims to provide the best integrity-based advice when treating your hair loss and scalp disorders.

What made you decide to set up your own beauty business?

I was so terrified of setting up my business, but my main driver was I wanted to help those with afro and mix-textured hair with hair loss and scalp issues. At the time I started there was a definite gap in terms of the help that was available for those with afro and mix-textured hair. I myself have suffered with hair loss and I knew the painstaking journey both my Mum and I went through trying to get the necessary help. What keeps me going even when I am tired is my passion to the point of obsession with hair and helping people.

What is the concept behind Stephanie Sey Trichology?

The concept behind Stephanie Sey Trichology is simplicity, I want everything on the journey of getting answers about your hair to be simplified.

What sort of research did you do to find out what sort of service your customers needed?

If I am truly honest I did not do specific research in terms of what my customers needed. I started with just offering consultations because I knew that there were people who needed help. Within my own circle I already knew men and women who were struggling. Through seeing patients and helping with the issues the picture is clearer as to what my current customers and future customers need from me – in a way I am doing my research as I go. The saying goes ‘see a need fill a need.’ I have been directly tending to one aspect of need but also I have seen a world of other needs that need to filled as well.

How did you decide on the look and feel of your brand?

From the beginning I wanted pink, black and white to be my branding, and my brother who designed my first logo immediately vetoed it. I also said I did not want the blue or light green that was associated with things in the medical field because I felt it was too clinical. My next favourite colour is purple so he coupled that with a darker green and my brand colours were born. In terms of the feel, I am drawn to clean brands, white space, minimalistic, classic, clutter free so I had to make sure that translated into my brand.

What are your future plans for the brand?

I normally keep my future plans very close to my chest. There are some things in the pipeline which I will share when they are ready to release. In the meantime I can share that I have diversified my offering and I now do Scalp Micropigmentaion as an alternative for those who have permanent hair loss.

What are your favourite beauty products?

My favourite beauty products have got to be lip gloss and blusher. I love the Fenty Beauty glosses and you NYX does some great ones too.

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to set up their own beauty business?

Don’t be scared – go for it. However make sure you have the foundations in place – do you have a good accountant, someone you can go to for legal help? Once that is all done correctly it is easy to move forward.

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