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Frazzle and Aniploish: Kiss Jelly Fantasy Nails

It’s been a while since I shared any of my artifical nails of the day. Not because I haven’t been wearing them, but because I’ve been re-wearing some designs (if I see a sale and like the nails, I often buy multiple sets), and somehow my brain is not able to get over the hurdle of doing a simple search to see if I’ve already posted about a particular design. With the nails I have today, I didn’t need to do that search, because they are very unusual for me. I picked up these Kiss Jelly Fantasy nails in a weak moment at Walmart because they were unlike any I’d tried. They’re long, which I have worn on rare occasions before, but they also have clear tips, which I was just “why?” about. I haven’t been able to find a name for the design, but the code on the box is KGFJ09X.

There were three styles in the box: peachy pink with a clear tip, peachy pink with a clear tip and a sheer iridescent coating, and silver microglitter with a clear tip. I used only the first two, because the silver glitter ones looked really odd with my natural nail showing through as the glitter didn’t provide full coverage.

I put these on one evening in my dining room (thus the light in the next two photos), and my first impression was “wow, these are super long”.



The next day, I still thought they were long.


One thing I did enjoy about the iridescent ones was the way the light shone through the tips and made pastel rainbows on things (here, the thing is my Kindle):


I also enjoyed how the iridescent ones changed colors with angle and light, sometimes looking orange or pink and sometimes lilac.



After four or five days, I felt I’d given the length a good try but it was hard to do things like type on my laptop, so I clipped and filed them to a more manageable for me length. If I someday use the ones left in the box, I’ll do that from the start.


When I was looking for a name for these, I found they’re still in stock at some websites, so if you want long fake nails with see through tips, you can get ’em. I’m not planning to buy more. The clear tip messed with my head … if I’m going to have long nails, I want them to look long, and the clear tip made them feel longer than they looked. Maybe I’m just not open enough to new styles. Maybe these are just a bad idea for me.

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