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Frazzle and Aniploish: The New Black: In Love Set

While I’ve been working on my massive backlog of individual polishes that need to get swatched on wheels, I’ve been ignoring the much much smaller backlog of polish sets that I wanted to try on my nails before breaking the sets up and moving the individual bottles to the “get on wheels someday” pool. I decided to switch that up and grabbed a set of minis I got from the clearance section of Ulta (which I know from the price tag) probably sometime in 2014: The New Black In Love 5-piece set with four polishes and a bottle of rhinestones. Apparently endorsed or designed or something by Demi Lovato (whose face is somewhat obscured here by the residue from that Ulta clearance price tag I failed to completely remove).


Here are the three non-glitter polish shades (none of the individual bottles have names on them, nor are any listed on the box): white pearl on my index finger, lavender metallic pearl on my middle, and purple shimmer on my ring and pinky. Each of them were two coats for full coverage.


The New Black In Love set Demi Lovato

In direct light, the purple shows the most depth and glow:


The New Black In Love set Demi Lovato

I added embellishments to the two purple nails. I put the “diamond” rhinestones on one nail and the shredded glitter on the other. The rhinestones appear to have yellowed some over the years since I bought them, and the glitter, which once was lilac, is now silver. (I know about these changes because I Googled for photos from closer to the time this set was released.)


The New Black In Love set Demi Lovato


The New Black In Love set Demi Lovato

I wish I’d used this set when it was new and the bling was still its original colors. I like the purple shimmer polish best, but not so much I’m sad I only have a tiny bottle of it. I’m sure I have something similar in a full size. I think sets like this are convenient for folks who don’t have or want a big collection of polish and nail art stuff, or aren’t confident about creating looks with more than one or two polishes, but that’s not me.

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