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Frazzle and Aniploish: Wheel K14: Yellow Green Shimmers

More spring-like yellow green shimmers (and a few that could be called reasonably be called metallics) on this week’s Nail Wheel Wednesday. Several of these were more pale out of the bottle than they looked in it, and would have fit in better on last week’s wheel, but that’s why I do this series, so I can see how the polishes look when used. The next step, destashing the dupes, seems so far off at this point I’m not sure when it’ll get done, much less how, but for now I’m focusing on this step. It would help if I’d go on a no buy so this step can get done faster, but we all know that’s not happening, not for any sustained period of time anyway.


1. China Glaze Trendsetter (2 coats)
2. Cherimoya Matte.n.a Suspense (2) [such a pretty finish; pity the polish is so smelly] 3. Cherimoya Pebble Beach Emerald Step 1 (2) [in my sorting, I failed to notice this is a texture, but as we learned on Wheel I14 this line isn’t very textured so I’m fine with it being here] 4. Kleancolor Metallic Green (2) [stinky, as typical of this brand] 5. Princessa Everglade Sparkle (3)
6. Princessa Martian Jade (3)
7. Bonita Tickle My Pickle (2)
8. Bonita Salon Wicked Good Time (2)
9. Wet ‘n’ Wild Chrome I Got a New Com-pewter (2) [I had to double check that this one was always green, because why put “pewter” in the name if it wasn’t grey?] 10. Avon Nailwear Pro+ Absinthe (2)
11. Maybelline Color Show Lustrous Lime (2)
12. SinfulColors Powerful Potion (3)
13. Essie Perfect 10 (2)
14. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Twist of Lime (4)
15. Deborah Lippmann Weird Science (1)
16. Wet ‘n’ Wild FastDry Twining Vines (3)
17. Rimmel Cocktail Color Cutie Colada (4)
18. Julie G Shimmer Island (3)
19. Revlon Brilliant Strenth Tantalize (3)
20. L’Oreal The Temptress’ Touch (2)

Bottles 1 through 4:


5 through 8:


9 through 12:


13 through 16:


17 through 20:










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