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Frazzle and Aniploish: Wheel O14: Holographic Shimmers

Before I get to today’s Nail Wheel Wednesday episode, which stars holo polishes, some linear, some scattered, some disappointing, let me express my frustration at a discovery I made when I was looking up other holo wheels I’ve posted over the years. Apparently code changes to Blogger have resulted in some of my old posts here getting changed without me realizing. Many photos in the posts I ran across are now rotated the wrong way, which means the proportions on them are distorted so they look bad and that makes me mad. I don’t know that I get a lot of traffic on those old posts (I suppose I could dig into my stats but I haven’t done that regularly for so long I’m not sure how far I’d get since they’ve probably changed that too). So now I have to decide how much work I want to put into fixing screwups I didn’t cause (I am 100% sure if I’d had wonky photos back in the day when nail blogs were more of a thing someone would have pointed it out in comments). Grrrr. Anyway, back to the holos. This is a mixed color group of them from Morgan Taylor, China Glaze, and Finger Paints, with a lone Sally Hansen to fill the 20th spot. I decided to group them by brand rather than color because I like the bottle lineups better that way. Maybe when I finish the whole wheel project I can come back around and do holos by color (I did do silver holos that way a few years back, on Wheel S9; those pictures are fine still, maybe because they’re from after I made the change to a wider template).


In sunlight:


1. Morgan Taylor Fit for a Fairytale (2 coats)
2. Morgan Taylor Holo Lover (2)
3. Morgan Taylor It’s Lit (2)
4. Morgan Taylor Not Your Average Damsel (2)
5. Morgan Taylor Frolic in Fairy Dust (2)
6. Morgan Taylor Caught in a Dream (2)
7. Morgan Taylor Disco Days (2)
8. Morgan Taylor Liquid Bling (2)
9. China Glaze OMG (2) [the China Glaze here are from the 2018 Flashback collection, not the original] 10. China Glaze DV8 (2)
11. China Glaze 2Nite (2)
12. China Glaze IDK (2)
13. China Glaze BFF (2)
14. China Glaze TTYL (2)
15. Finger Paints Solar Flare (2)
16. Finger Paints Majestic (1) [the pigment in this seems to have browned; I remember is as being more mauve/purple when new] 17. Finger Paints Red Rocket (1)
18. Finger Paints Cosmic Chaos (1)
19. Finger Paints Pixie Dust (1)
20. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Metro Midnight (2)

Bottles 1 through 4:


5 through 8:


9 through 14:


15 through 20:


Side view of Finger Paints bottles, which look way more holo behind the glass than they do on the nail:

Detail shots, first in indirect light then direct room light then full sun for each segment of the wheel:






















Bonus full sun shots at various angles:








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