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Geltor uses biotechnology to manufacture proteins. In previous media materials shared with Cosmetics Design, the company explains that “Of the twenty-eight types of collagen that the human body produces, Type 21 has been identified as a critical precursor to human collagen types I and III – essential components to the maintenance of skin elasticity and youthfulness.”

Bioidentical human collagen hits North American beauty market

This week, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – based Orora announced the launch of 2 new skin care products formulated with Geltor’s HumaColl21 ingredient. The biodesigned peptide is known by the INCI name sh-polypeptide-121. (HumaColl21 is a registered trademark of Geltor, Inc.)

And Orora has used it in both a cream formulation and a serum product formulation. Both of which include the ingredient’s brand name in the product name (and on the front of the bottle), helping beauty consumers make a connection between collagen, biotech, and Geltor and the product experience / benefits.

Orora’s new Bioactive collagen cream with HumaColl21 also includes popular ingredients like lactobacillus ferment, madecassoside (which Melanie Rud recently wrote an explainer piece about for​), and squalane. The cream is sold in a 1.7 oz size, retailing for $79.

The brand’s new Bioactive collagen serum with HumaColl21 comes in a 1 oz tube, retailing at $84. The serum formulation also incorporates more well-known skin care inputs such as niacinamide, probiotic bifida ferment filtrate, and hyaluronic acid.  

Beauty brands bring new ingredient innovation to consumers

New specialty ingredients come to market all the time in beauty. But it’s the purchasing managers, manufacturers, and brands that help move them into product formulations and on to the store shelves and DTC platforms where consumers can discover them.

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