Givaudan adds olfactive social listening to fragrance creation

“DigiPulse is a digitally strategic way of capturing feedback from consumer’s online posts on their impressions of fragrances they’ve used or experimented with in their everyday lives,” explains ​Arnaud Guggenbuhl, head of Global Marketing Insight and Image at Givaudan. 

“Most importantly, it will enrich the way we craft perfumes that will continue to inspire consumers around the world.” 

The company’s Fragrance and Beauty division inaugurated the proprietary tool in France and expects to launch in the United States by the end of the year, with a global roll-out planned for 2022.

Enriching fragrance with olfactive algorithm

In its quest to comb the web for fresh fragrance feedback, DigiPulse has already collected and categorized over 2.5 million online comments across a range of social media platforms to date. 

“The most differentiating element of the tool is its ability to focus on the olfactive data, revealing insights on different aspects of the fragrance itself, on top of more obvious comments around packaging, marketing and advertising,” ​according to the company. 

Once the algorithm has targeted and analyzed the olfactive perceptions of both established and new fragrances, Givaudan perfumers and creative teams decode the sensory insights to capture the mood behind the data. Findings are then incorporated into the fragrance creation process, already digitally augmented through Carto. 

Carto and the Odor Value Map

Givaudan, a recipient of multiple Fragrance Foundation Awards for technological breakthroughs, launched Carto to bring science and technology to the service of perfumers​. The company says the innovation “reinvents the way perfumers create”​ and “broadens the field of olfactive references”.

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