Givenchy Le Rouge Les Accessoires

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] We are definitely in ‘for the person who has everything’ territory but here is the the very thing I never knew I needed – a lipstick with a belt loop. If you are anything like me with stuffed pockets and eternally searching the bottom of your bag for your lippie or balm, it’s the obvious, and genius, answer.

Givenchy Le Rouge Les Accessories

Honestly, I’m thrilled with this simple idea set in a luxury format that is the practical answer to a proper beauty annoyance. When I leave the house, which obviously isn’t that often at the moment, I have in my pockets a dog lead, a bottle of sanitizer, a mask, bank cards, my phone and some clean tissues – at a minimum. Sorting about with a gloved hand in the confines of a pocket trying to locate a lipstick is irritating to say the least. I haven’t used a proper handbag for weeks but it’s the equivalent of a portable pocket and comes with the same issues. The scale might be larger but I’m damned if I can find my lipstick straight off the bat. I mean, if it’s strapped to my belt I’ll always know where it is and that is a sorted problem. There are ten shades ranging from this vibrant red though neutral tones and primary colours.

Givenchy Le Rouge Les Accessories

In the scheme of things, it’s the most minor of issues solved, but I like it. I now need a belt-loop mini-SPF and a mini sanitizer and soon I will be the beauty equivalent of a carpenter with all my tools round my waist. Happy and hands-free! They’re £13.50 each HERE, non-affiliate HERE and obviously, you will need a Givenchy Le Rouge lipstick to fit in it (a nice shade on offer HERE for £13.50 in a vibrant pink/red). Although they’re made for show, it’s just as easy to hide under a long sweater or sweatshirt. Nobody but you would know it was there.

Givenchy Le Rouge Les Accessories

Also rather pleasing is this stud effect Couture Cap – something I’d like to pull out of my bag (if I can find it and if I ever use a bag again!) … I hope it’s okay to imagine myself in sunglasses sitting outside a cafe with a glass of rose while I do so. It’s also £13.50 and in 10 colours.

Givenchy Le Rouge Les Accessories

Then there’s this one – how lovely! No belt loop on either the studs or this design (so watch out because it’s included in the belt loop collection) but nonetheless, an upgrade on your average case. These have really brought a smile to my face today – they’re just fun and stylish and if you’ve never thought dressing up your lipstick was a thing, it is now, as is wearing your lipstick on your belt. Also, to note, they’re probably the least expensive thing Givenchy sells, at £13.50 each.


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