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Glitters from Nicole by OPI

Back to glitters for this Nail Wheel Wednesday. These are from Nicole by OPI, another brand that has disappeared as the market has shifted over the past several years. The bottles are a unique shape, not my favorite for efficient Helmer storage, but they did some interesting polishes.


(all two coats of glitter plus one of clear topcoat)

1. Nicole by OPI Stars at Night
2. Nicole by OPI Bloom Box [as far as I can see, #1 and #2 are identical]3. Nicole by OPI Party Bus [had to fish for the flower glitters but worth it]4. Nicole by OPI Spark the Conversation [square glitter makes me think indie polish, but here it is in a mainstream]5. Nicole by OPI Pixie Glitter [had to fish for the crescent moons]6. Nicole by OPI Shaved Nice
7. Nicole by OPI Kissed at Midnight
8. Nicole by OPI Lips Are Dripping Honey
9. Nicole by OPI A Gold Winter’s Night
10. Nicole by OPI Pick of the Glitter
11. Nicole by OPI Inner Sparkle
12. Nicole by OPI Haley Good Lookin’
13. Nicole by OPI Spring Romance
14. Nicole by OPI Have a Heart
15. Nicole by OPI She’s Lily Something [the microflakie base in this one would probably look great over a dark pink or purple]16. Nicole by OPI Be Awesome
17. Nicole by OPI Don’t Say It Sprout It
18. Nicole by OPI Confetti Fun [#17 and #18 are dupes as far as I’m concerned]19. Nicole by OPI Kardashing Through the Snow
20. Nicole by OPI Mi Fantasia

Bottles 1 through 5:


6 through 10:


11 through 15:


16 through 20:









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