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And Covid-19 takes another victim…

On September 30th, 2020, Clarisonic will shut its doors forever. The brand behind the first, and possibly most recognized, cleansing device will be shutting down. Now owned by L’Oreal, the skincare conglomerate has decided to focus its attention on its other core business offerings.

The Clarisonic Pro was my first ever cleansing device. I used it daily while working at a Ritz Carlton spa for the majority of the twenty-teens. It was a workhorse. Clarisonic’s brand education created a foundation for my personal passion for cleansing and definitely influenced my esthetics career. I’m sure you’ve seen my cleansing How-To videos by now and if you haven’t, it’s possible you are not cleansing correctly.

As the cleansing device category expanded and silicone options replaced nylon bristles, education and marketing brought to light the device’s shortcomings. Clarisonic’s iconic bristled brush heads created micro-tears in the skin leading to inflammation and possible damage, while also creating a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. I can’t tell you the number of times I coached clients on device cleanliness. No, you can’t leave your Clarisonic in the shower. Make sure to wash your brush after it washes you! It seems antimicrobial silicone won out in the end.

While I’ve made videos on why I prefer other devices, such as the QykSonic Zoe and FOREO Luna, over Clarisonic, I’m still sad to see this company go. Thank you, Clarisonic for the wonderful education you provided to your spa partners and for teaching America the importance of properly cleansing your face.

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