Goutal Paris Tenue De Soiree Review (Mathieu Nardin) + Scent Journey Through Time Draw


Goutal Paris Tenue De Soiree by Olya Bar©

With Goutal Paris Tenue De Soiree Mathieu Nardin  (in collaboration with Camille Goutal) composed one of the best fruity chypres I have ever encountered. Both glamorous and comforting, it tells a story of familiar warmth and timeless elegance.  As a little girl, I was obsessed with my grandmother’s vanity table. It mesmerized me with all the beautiful bottles and treasures I imagined hidden inside the jewelry boxes.

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I used to love the scent of soft powder puffs and fancy jars filled with precious creams and ointments and would inhale the sweet, waxy aroma of it all while imagining getting ready for a night of glam. Eventually, I gotten my little hands on her lipsticks, and would tab it on my lips, feeling all grown up. Tenue De Soiree is my sensory journey back in time. Now that I’m all grown up, wear beautiful lipsticks, and spritz chic perfumes I fully indulge in the luxury of it all. I find myself reminiscing about how some of our memories shape our taste preferences in many ways and how lucky we are to possess a secret fragrant key, able to unlock the most precious moments hidden in the depths of our hearts.

Best fruity chypres

by Olya Bar©

There is a prominent gourmand structure carefully woven through this chypre. It opens up with bright and juicy blackcurrant and a zesty squeeze of bergamot—certainly a delicious-sounding smell. A berry tart you would enjoy in a neighborhood bakery, slowly sipping on a latte. The heart flickers between shimmer and shade, allowing a glimpse of its lead player, soft velvety iris, casually mingling with roses and jasmine.

Goutal Paris Tenue de Soiree

by Olya Bar©

There is a particular restraint brought out by the iris, creating a distance between the wearer and the people around. The base is wrapped with melted caramel and suede-like leather with hints of white musk. It shows its tender side as if someone forgot the suede glove in a bag with scented lipstick. The soft buttery leather soaks up its delicate waxy aroma with the fine dustiness of the iris. Through perfumes  we time travel and live through any decade or memory. Enjoy them thoroughly, whether clad in an evening shirt or a fancy dressing gown.

Tonight I find myself in front of the vanity table, adding the finishing touches, slipping on a Bakelite necklace and throwing a coat over my shoulders, I slowly put on a pair of suede gloves. Finally, I spritz Goutal Paris Tenue De Soiree lavishly on my pulse points and slip into the night with confidence. Suddenly it promises to be an interesting one.

Notes: Blackcurrant, bergamot, iris, rose, jasmine, caramel, patchouli, leather, white musk.

Europerfumes generously provided a bottle of Annick Goutal Tenue de Soiree.  I work with Europerfumes. The opinions are always my own.

Olya Bar, Contributor

Tenue de Soiree Goutal Paris

Goutal Paris Tenue De Soiree by Olya Bar©

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