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Grace Emmerson Online | Dr Hauschka Classic Facial Treatment Review

‘Amazing Grace…. an out of body experience and a facial.

I’ll let you into a little secret – I’ve got a birthday coming up in the next few weeks, and it’s not just any birthday, it’s a big one. It seems to me that when friends have reached this milestone, quite often they have had a mini melt down.

I, however, am not the least bit apprehensive about this big event, in fact I am embracing the birthday and milking it for all its worth with lunches , a new dress and a party to celebrate.  I thought I might treat myself to a bit of pampering in the run up the big event, and so having seen an ad in BS6 for a “facial unlike any other”, I booked myself in to see Grace Emerson.

Grace is a specialist in Dr.Hauschka treatments, lotions and potions, she is also all about the whole experience, so I thought I would share mine with you.

I booked via email, having read up on her website about the various options, and after a few emails to and fro Grace recommended a 2 hour classic facial. 2 hours seemed like quite a long time to have stuff plastered on your face, but I went along with it, this was my big birthday treat after all.

I arrived at Graces’ house – a beautiful pad in Redland. She has converted a light and airy space into her treatment room, calm and elegant. After a warm welcome she sat me down, placed my feet in a warm bowl of scented water to relax while she took some details and asked me questions about my current skincare routine. I explained my regime, it’s really minimal,  water and a warm flannel, the odd bit of moisturiser, very quick and with zero effort. I also explained that due to my impending big birthday, I wanted to be sure I was doing the best for my skin going forward but honestly didn’t have the time or patience to follow a complicated and lengthy skincare routine.

And so it began. Once I was happily lying down on her comfortable treatment bed, under warm towels and a duvet, Grace started working her magic. She explained that she doesn’t play music during treatments as she feels sometimes this distracts from the experience.

I didn’t miss the whale sounds… and I cannot tell you where the time went during the facial, I was soon in a very deep relaxed state – almost asleep but not quite. My mind wasn’t racing, I was just ….submerged.

She should be called Gentle Grace, she has the lightest touch you can imagine as she works away cleaning your skin, alternating warm and cold flannels and creams. She starts at your feet and legs, gradually moving up to your face.  She whispers what she is doing, and if there is going to be a change in temperature… but this does not interrupt your deep relaxation, in fact I barely heard her.

At the end of the facial she returns to your legs and feet, to lightly stretch them out, and this signals the end of the treatment. She leaves the room so you can come around in your own time. She had told me at the beginning that she would do this, but that there was no rush to get up as she builds in plenty of time between clients so the maximum relaxation is achieved.

When she does return to the room she brings a glass of water and a small bowl of nuts. And then we talk about how I feel and what she thinks about my skin.

Grace outlined some simple changes I could make to my routine to make it even more effective, and does recommend some products. However there is no hard sell, and when I asked which two of the four she has shortlisted I could survive without, she happily refined the choices.

I left her house with glowing, sparkling skin, a bag of Dr.Hauschka products and a big smile, knowing I had had some outstanding “me time” and learnt some new things about how best to look after my skin.  The end to end experience was totally in keeping with her gentle and holistic approach, from the initial consultation through to the drink and nuts at the end, simple, calm and nurturing.

I will be treating myself again, and definitely well before the next big birthday, but I’ll have to book in early, it seems I am late to discover her and Grace is in serious demand.’

Originally written for a press release by a customer, Jess Ingham.

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