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One of our mantras is to never stop learning. Despite the global pandemic, ARROJO Cosmetology School has kept its promise. Through a combination of distance learning and in-person classes at 50% capacity, students in cosmetology, barbering, and esthetics have been able to complete their programs, graduate, and get set for a career a professional stylists, barbers, and estheticians.

Since the summer, when the lockdown was slowly unlocked, we have turned another 30+ passionate student into beauty professionals in the most glamorous and exciting city in the world.

“This is a remarkable group of talented and committed individuals,” said School Director Loretta O’ Connell. “Despite the obvious challenges, they maintained incredible commitment and energy and always reached for the highest level. We are so proud to welcome them to the industry we love.”

The following students maintained perfect 100% attendance despite the challenges of Covid-19. Wow, what passion and commitment!

Perfect attendance 

Valerie Trump

Saint Latimer 

George Cofone

Yuliya Demura  

Ornela Rudovic

Maggie Davis

And the Highest GPA awards went to: Lucie Kohoutkova, Nada Shehata, George Cofone, Maggie Davis

Here’s what some of the winners had to say:

Hailey -” I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me throughout my time as a student!! I’m looking forward to the next chapter “

Valerie – We came together during a pandemic in beauty school in zoom I true 2020 style. But I cannot emphasize enough how lucky I am to have met them and how inspired and motivated I am by each of their talent, We did it!!! If I haven’t said it enough, Thank you to all of the educators who stuck with is and got us to this day” 

Avry ”How did I get so lucky and land in this class with a group of amazing individuals who all shined so bright? I feel like larked so much from each one of you and it was such a fun journey together.  A huge shout out to all of my educators along the way, Ive learned so much and become so inspired by each one of you, Thanks ARROJO Cosmetology School for a great experience” 

Mackenzie “ARROJO provides an excellent and thorough foundation that gives you a great jump start to your career over other schools” 

Alfie “I had an excellent time here, the teachers are helpful and I feel prepared for my exam and the salon industry. I am very confident in my current cutting and coloring skills” 

Miranda “The education here is incomparable to other cosmetology programs” 

Yuliya “A really huge Thank you!” 

And here’s pics!

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