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Gratitude Gettin’ Me Thru – kenya bon vivant

And I am very grateful for YOU!

I look forward to telling you that in person. But alas, that is not to be this week or next.

GovGav held his weekly press conference today. LA County did not move from purple to red (in the case of this convoluted system, red is better than purple for reopening).

So, skincare will NOT reopen indoors for services in LA County (and many others). We’ll know more next week!

I wanted to email this yesterday but after the presser, my mood was foul. So, I spent some time getting grateful by working out, then at my studio and delivering products. When I got home, Hub had a glass of wine poured for me. (thankful)

My heart goes out to other business owners, employees, partners and staff that also feel this negative impact.

Also high up on my gratitude list are our firefighter teams and all who support them. 2020 has been a rough year and they keep showing up in the biggest ways.

While we’re apart, I’m still here for you and your skin care goals! Here are some of the things I’ve worked on with clients:

  • recommendations for healing bacne for some daring summer outfits (and in prep for a wedding!)
  • • ID’d some rosacea
  • • Set up entire at-home skincare systems for clients (including some mantras for deep breathing)

What’s going on with you? How can I help? Happy to just lend an ear if that’s what’s needed.

Oh, if you are so inclined and would like to lend your voice, click here to get to the blog. There you’ll have links for contacting your reps (local to state; email or phone). Kindly tell’em your story and that skincare can reopen safely. I would appreciate it!

Also, ever thought of running for office? Do it! There is a link to She Should Run on the blog page … go check it out!!!

I’ve got some great things planned for the studio once we’re back … hang in there and stay healthy!


PS: I’ve read everything. Do you have a recommendation for me?

Need some skeeter beaters?

This heat got ya shiny? Mattefy with this primer

#UseProtection: These SPFs are my faves!

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