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Great Lakes Lacquer – Polish Pick Up February 2021

Hiya guys! Has anyone else had a snowy few days? I live in NJ and the past few days have been crazy. Like broken records crazy amount of snow. Definitely not fun. I’m just thankful I work from home and don’t have to deal with the roads. I’m nervous enough driver as it is no need to add more fuel to that fire, haha. But yeah I’m excited to dive into more polish today from a brand I have been sharing quite a lot about. That’s right today I’m sharing swatches for The Mighty Mac by Great Lakes Lacquer, which is part of February’s Polish Pick-Up. This polish the collective theme is World Travel and this polish is inspired by the Mackinac Bridge. In particular the moment the amazing northern lights were captured from an aerial view over the bridge sometime in December of 2020. I’m really kind of a homebody, so I had never heard of this bridge before this polish. and now that I have I feel like I have a new destination for my bucket list. If you’re like me and have never heard of this before I definitely recommend doing a quick Google search. But honestly you guys are probably thinking like how have YOU not heard of this WE have, haha. Enough talking, let’s get right to the polish.

The Mighty Mac by Great Lakes Lacquer will be available through Polish Pick-Up from February 5th until February 8th. There is no cap and each 15mL bottle retails for $13.

Great Lakes Lacquer – The Mighty Mac

Great Lakes Lacquer - The Mighty Mac

The Mighty Mac can be described as a medium navy packed with iridescent like flake that has prominent shifts of lime green, aqua, and indigo, finished with a strong scattered holographic. Definitely not the typical polish and it’s quite unique even in my vast collection. My camera really captured the green in this polish, but I assure you it has the ever subtle shift to a navy blue. I’m simply still bad at capturing any kind of shifts whatsoever. But bad technique or not on my end there’s no denying this polish is dropped dead gorgeous. The combination of colors and flakies make the finish really pop and shine. There is just so much depth it’s mesmerizing, especially under direct sunlight. I was so pleasantly surprised to find how much I loved this color against my skin tone. Normally I shy away from polishes that lean too green for fear of warmth clashing, but there was none of that here. Because of that I can see myself coming back to this polish again and again no matter the occasion.

Great Lakes Lacquer - The Mighty Mac
Great Lakes Lacquer - The Mighty Mac

The formula has an initial sheer application that builds up easily in a few coats for full coverage. I experienced no visible nail line after just two coats, but opted for one more coat as personal preference. The consistency felt well balanced, not too thick or too thin. I was really pleasantly surprised by how nice and easy the coats were considering how packed with flakies it is. There was no clumping and lifting in between the coats either. It dries down to a minimal gritty finish because of the flakies, but smooths out perfectly after top coat. I would also like to note that I experienced no staining to either my cuticles or nail beds on removal. Shown here in three coats and sealed off with a glossy top coat.

Great Lakes Lacquer - The Mighty Mac
Great Lakes Lacquer - The Mighty Mac

And that’s a wrap on the Mighty Mac! Was it me or did that kind of rhyme? I like, haha. But yeah, this gorgeous shade is definitely a must have for any collection. And it’s an especially beautiful polish to venture into the brand with if you’ve never tried them before. Remember that as a Polish Pick-Up shade this is limited and will be available through Polish Pick-Up from February 5th until February 8th. Mark those calendars, set those alarms. Let me know if this polish made your wishlist! xoxo Moonbaes.

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