Green beauty promise with sustainable, circular nanoparticles from waste material for skin health

Published in Latest Trends in Textile and Fashion Designing​,​ researchers from universities in Italy, Saudi Arabia and China reviewed the beauty and wellness market in the context of green economy needs. This, they said, was increasingly important given today’s focus on planetary health and human wellbeing in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 and environmental crises.

The researchers said there was a clear need to “realise a new industrial renaissance” ​that reduced the use of natural material by using waste by-products and sustainable technologies to maintain human wellbeing, planetary biodiversity and the environment.

A sustainable future needs ‘the right technology and innovation’

“With the actual climate and regulatory pressure, the sustainability has to be at the core of every business strategy,”​ the researchers wrote.

And this focus on sustainability, they said, had to see investments made in the “right technology and innovation, necessary to solve the intolerable increasing of waste and GHG emissions, cause of the environmental disasters which are rushing the planet.”

“…For living in a world more nature-orientated and trying to solve quickly, not only the great problem of food and plastic waste, but also a new and unsuspected future crisis, such as the actual COVID-19 pandemic, it will be necessary to change the consumer/market behaviour and the global way of thinking and living. As [a] consequence, all the developing and developed technologies coming from universities and industries have to be quickly utilised, accepting the emerging knowledge.”

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