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Ingredient makers like Geltor​, Genomatica​, Amyris​, ROELMI HPC​, Ginkgo Bioworks​, Hydromer​, and others have been making headlines with biotech beauty ingredient innovations here on for years now.

But it seems that finally, biotech beauty is at a tipping point. And new ventures like Apoena Biotech in Brazil, new organizations like The SynBio Coalition, and new ingredients like macrocyclic musk lactones from Conagen are illustrative of this meaningful moment in beauty history.

Brazil-based Apoena Biotech is innovating for the future of skin care

Apoena Biotech​ is the first Brazil-based biotechnology company dedicated entirely to beauty and personal care ingredient production. And the company’s Managing Director Bruno Carillo sees it as a business opportunity to do better when it comes to environmental sustainability: “Biotechnology,” ​he says in remarks shared with Cosmetics Design, “is the best way to access nature [while] preserving the planet.”

The Apoena Biotech ingredient portfolio includes an antioxidant-rich Kombucha, the microbiome stimulating lactobacillus-based Solubióticos, the Antioox ingredient blend made with Moringa and Salvia Hispanica extracts, and more. Describing the company’s production process, Juliana Nakayama, Bioprocess Manager at Apoena Biotech says that “the control of biotech products is in bioreactors where they are produced, following parameters of pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, among others, ensuring reproducibility, high quality standard and performance suitable for application as prebiotics, probiotics or postbiotics.”

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