Hair Styling and Future Goals

Hair stylists enjoy an income potential that’s only limited by the
amount of time they’re willing and able to work. Read more about the future of
the field. 

If you want a career that’s filled with rewards, creativity
and socialization, you may want to become a hairstylist. Hair stylists enjoy an
income potential that’s only limited by the amount of time they’re willing and
able to work.

And that’s not all! Hair stylists and prospective stylists
will enjoy a growing number of jobs in the years ahead. According to the United
States Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for barbers, hair
stylists and cosmetologists will grow by 13 percent
between 2016 and 2026, which is
faster than average across occupations.

Hair Stylist Opportunities

If you’re planning to embark on a hair stylist career,
you’ll have an impressive list of advancement opportunities available to you as
your career progresses and you gain experience. While you may start out working
in a salon for someone else, you may eventually be promoted to manager.

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? If so, you may want
to explore the possibility of opening your own salon down the line. There are
many resources available to people who want to open their own business. If you
want to open your own salon, you may want check out the Small Business
Administration’s website and get a
SCORE business mentor.

If you enjoy teaching, you may want to share your knowledge
as a teacher at a cosmetology school. You may want to introduce others to
cosmetology by acting as the school’s recruiter instead.

For hair stylists who like to travel, there are sales jobs
within the beauty industry. It’s not unusual for image consultants to travel as
well. While some theatrical makeup artists and hair stylists may work in just
one area, others will travel to different locations throughout the country or
around the world.

To secure certain positions, you may have to pursue more
education and/or training. If you want to advance your hair stylist career, you
might want to become a medical esthetician, which will require you to get some
post-secondary training.

Another path you may want to consider is becoming a
mortician, undertaker or funeral director. If you choose this route, you’ll
have to earn an associate’s degree in mortuary science. You’ll also have to
pass a state licensing examination. In your role as a mortician, undertaker or
funeral director, you’ll be tasked with some very important responsibilities.
One of them will be styling a deceased’s hair and makeup so that the person
looks like he or she did while still alive.

Your Hair Stylist Career Starts with the Right

Although there are many paths for
advancement for hair stylists, every one of them starts with getting the right
training. And that’s what you’ll get at State College of Beauty Culture – the
best training available.

The courses you’ll take on our campus will provide you with
the skills and knowledge you’ll need to pass the state licensure exam. Those
same things will be the basis for your career as a hair stylist regardless of
the particular path you choose to take.

Don’t wait to start your career. Jump start your hair
stylist career by enrolling at
College of Beauty Culture



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