Happy New Year!-Therapeutic Skin Coach

This very date, January 1st, is when many of us feel inspired to commit to whatever the necessary changes we need to make in order to experience our “best year yet“. We often push ourselves to break bad habits and form new routines like jumping into a new exercise routine, eliminating all bad foods, or starting a new 10-step skin regimen. These extreme changes can end up shocking our systems that our bodies end up quitting before we have a choice in the matter.

My personal January track records includes the following instances that were all connected to choices that I made that weren’t rooted in self-compassion but rather the need to change quickly, please others, or overdo out of fear of lack:

I also got married in January 2017 so it’s definitely not all bad. And even with the listed instances, I still don’t let the new year scare me. Each low point was just an opportunity to ground down and reset, something I’ve not always been great at recognizing in the past. The truth is I don’t necessarily rely on the start of a new calendar year to inspire me for active change. I have my own tradition of setting a new intention on my birthday in August, but I take the time during the January to access how my new intention is going. Each day, week, month, quarter etc. are small opportunities to reflect and instead of focusing on how much I am not doing or the extra that I need to do, I focus on how much I’ve done.

This simple act of reflection helps me remember that each year naturally has growth. Whether it’s growing pains or expansive growth, I’ve not experienced a year yet where I didn’t feel like I was at least slightly better, stronger, and more in tune with myself than the year before. In order for me to gain clarity on what I want to achieve and set an intention on for the new year, I go through the following steps:

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