Happy Spring Equinox…now mix it up!-Therapeutic Skin Coach

2 – Our skin has different ecosystems – Not only do I treat my skin differently every day but I treat each area of my skin as if it has a different ecosystem. It’s easy to think about how our t-zone immediately feels different so maybe we spent a few extra seconds washing that area but what about treating the blemishes, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, flared skin or dry spots? Taking the opportunity to address each area of your skin for it’s own issue is vital to your skin’s success. The best opportunity to do this is through your masking routine. Chances are if you having a breakout and want to be proactive about it you will mask with a clay, charcoal or enzyme rich mask. What most people don’t realize is that as nice of a treat as it seems to apply your treatment all over your skin only part of your skin may be experiencing breakouts severe enough for something that detoxifying or active. Instead what you can try is spot treating the mask in the areas of concern and have a different focus for the rest of your skin. A favorite of mosaic template of mine would be to use an active detoxing formula such as Josh Rosebrook’s active enzyme exfoliator with a nourishing treatment around the perimeter of my face such as Pai’s Bioregenerative Rapid Repair Radiance mask and focus on my under eye area with half cut cotton rounds soaked in chamomile tea and aloe vera. This is something that works for me, so focus on what you need to discover a template that may work for you. 

3 – Like working out, you don’t want to do the same focus everyday. Like every other bone in our body our facial structure starts to drop with gravity as we get older. This means our fat pads drop as well and we can look a lot more guant or develop jowls. In order to keep ourselves as youthful and healthy as possible it’s important to focus exercising our skin and different muscle groups everyday. Often times I just put a timer on and while I’m washing my face I start to massage my pressure points. In addition to this I select different products that create different responses in my skin so that I can truly activate any stagnant areas. Consider these daily practices part of your workout routine. So just like one day you work on legs and the other you work out your arms, one day focus on collagen and the next focus on congestion. Write down the top 3 things you want to achieve with your skin and rotate between those needs instead of layering everything at once or heavily focusing on just one so that your neglect other function. Your skin will appreciate the work as long as you give it love in the process.

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