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Hello 2021

Hello 2021

Wishing a happy new year has never felt so strange. We’re finally out of 2020, a tumultuous year to put it lightly, and right now things aren’t set to improve anytime soon which is beyond heartbreaking. World events this year have weighed every on my mind every single day which has been portrayed with how infrequently this blog has been updated. I don’t think I’ve ever been so quiet on this corner of the internet in almost a decade of blogging. I truly hope that will change in the New Year but for once, I don’t have any lofty resolutions or high expectations and in some ways that feels pretty liberating but still rather terrifying.

Looking back on the past year has been tough, losing all my potential work overnight and then only getting 1/7 of my usual projects, a postponed wedding that has now turned into a cancelled wedding as setting a new date is too hard, a lockdown birthday, two very poorly dogs and then a cancelled with less than 24 hours notice Scotland trip has taken its toll. There have been glimmers of light throughout the past 12 months and so many things I’m grateful for but the thought of another year like the last one is quite unbearable right now. January, I imagine will be quite a slow month with another potential lockdown on the horizon but I’m just trying to go into the new year slow and steady without any pressure. I hope everyone is as ok as they can be right now given the circumstances and I’m wishing everyone the best year they can have.

Stay Safe x


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