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We’re promised snow (well, the sort of snow you mostly get here – light, doesn’t last, just makes things slippery and causes trouble) Thursday-Saturday. My plan beyond the fact that I have a myofascial release session booked for Thursday AM is to stay inside except for dog walks.

Also, as I write this, Monday-Wednesday AM I’ll be tethered to a blood pressure monitor for 48 hours. This was meant to be done a long ways ago, but Covid intervened. I’ve been told I can’t get the thing wet. So, big, long, hot shower Monday morning and then nothing (possibly careful spot cleaning) till Wednesday afternoon. I know you wanted to know that.

Oh, and I gave notice on the client I detest. So, that finishes the last week of December and a good friend visits the next day (celebration to be had).

I was thinking about doing a five or three fave perfumes you’d (I’ve noticed the D key on my PC laptop sticks – need to get out the compressed air can) keep if you had to ditch everything else but decided that was too depressing – and probably too hard for most people.

I don’t have a lot right now. This isn’t my fave time of year. I’m trying to be in the moment. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so well.

Anyway, hibernation. The rabbits, deer and foxes are gone. I imagine they are all snuggled up together (not all of them together, just each grouping together) and won’t crack an eyelid for another 2.5 months. I wonder if that first morning it’s warm enough to emerge they all rush for the local creek … for all kinds of reasons.

I can’t imagine hibernating that way. Too confining (and no chocolate).

But I can manage the closing in … sort of. By late December, it’s light from a bit after 8 AM till 4 PM. That’s it. I walk the dog late morning and make a lot of soup. Make a fire in the wood stove every day from around mid-afternoon in an attempt not to have the heat on all the time.

I’ve checked all my autumn/winter candles and decided I certainly don’t need another one this year even though there’s this very nice looking limited edition Diptyque biscuit one.

I’ve started thinking about what to get a friend for her birthday in January. She’s hard to buy for given she’s got most of what she wants (we don’t discuss need). Maybe some fancy candle while it’s in my head.

Anyway, it’s grey, damp and cold out. You get the smell of wood smoke in the village, but that’s really it on fragrance for the time being. I’m still in the Lutens Arabie/Masque Milano Madeleine layered phase.

So, what do you do to hibernate? Do you live somewhere that’s not necessary? Which perfumes are in the rotation right now?

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