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Holistic as a Way of Life

‘We felt like rebels when we developed these unconventional cosmetics’ said Elisabeth Sigmund, speaking about the early days of Dr. Hauschka in 1967.

‘Holistic’ can often feel like one of those marketing words that is over-used and under-meant.
But in its true sense it describes the respectful acknowledgement that we are more than the sum of our parts; the interconnectedness of the different systems within us and without, as individuals, as a collective and as a part of the natural world. The holistic approach is wholesome.

I am heartened and encouraged by emotionally intelligent approaches to health in the wider context, which is one of the many reasons that drew me to Dr.Hauschka’s approach to beauty. The products have been with us since the late 1960’s yet their philosophy is still refreshing and avant garde; a little subversive and rebellous in some ways. They encapsulate my personal ethos of individual beauty, the broad stroke of uniqueness. Dr Hauschka insists on transparent and respectful provenance and recognises that people throughout the chain are advantaged and not exploited by the system. The products work with the skin, with the senses, with the body’s rhythms and with the delicate balance of nature.

The Dr Hauschka ‘brand’ speaks to me because it mirrors my own belief; that the choices we make on a daily basis for ourselves affect our wider world. Physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I like to think that that when you choose Dr.Hauschka products you are part of the solution, and a tiny wave of positive change will ripple its way out to the people and places around the world that we will never meet or visit, but which are as real and important as we are.

I was really fortunate to visit the WALA gardens near Stuttgart several years ago. I knew that Dr.Hauschka products are completely natural and organic, but actually seeing the plants growing there in the garden and seeing them harvested and prepared by hand before entering the state-of–the-art production area was awe-inspiring! The workers literally arrive at work at sunrise – 4 or 5 am – to harvest the roses for the Rose Day Cream.

As a company Dr.Hauschka has an unusual business ethic which reflects the flowing nature of giving and taking. Everything taken from nature is replenished, and as a business, they take only what they need financially and then put the rest back; to provide for the workers, invest in research and support sustainable community projects in the developing world. There are no shareholders or owners and, surprisingly, the business is not driven by sales targets! I feel really thrilled to be part of this model of holistic health and business. It is a delightful way to work.

The huge range of species grown in the garden is certainly unique: more than 150 different plant species flourish here, ready to be used in Dr. Hauschka Skin Care and WALA Medicines products. The 4.5 hectare plot is continuously tended by six gardeners using biodynamic methods. Over time, these have made the soil fertile and crumbly. Compost created in the garden itself improves the soil’s structure and promotes the healthy growth of the plants. Their leaves, petals, fruits and even roots are manually harvested all year round. Even the seeds that develop into seedlings for 25,000 young plants in spring come from the garden. Our medicinal herb garden is as closed a cycle as possible and also provides a habitat for wild plants and animals.
It really is a true oasis.

Wilted herbs cannot be used to make a tasty soup or premium natural cosmetics. We are therefore rather meticulous when selecting our raw materials. They grow in biodynamic quality in our own medicinal herb garden or on our Demeter farm. Often, they are harvested in the early hours of the morning so that they retain their full natural strengths. What we do not cultivate ourselves, comes in part from wild collections in the Swabian Jura Mountains and in part from organic cultivation projects worldwide. Alternatively, from partners who work as fairly and sustainably as we do.  Dr Hauschka spokesperson

It makes sense why so many people buy Dr Hauschka Skin Care.

Thanks for reading
Grace x

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