How Daily Skin Care Should Be Done

How Daily Skin Care Should Be Done

Skin is most important wear of people. We should clean our skin truly otherwise many problems can be occurred. Now that is our technics than should be done in a day:

Skin of people quite sensitive. Skin types changes from people to people. Generally skin types are oily, dry and combination. Skin cares are change according to skin types. For example, to clean oily skin, oil-based moisturizer shouldn’t be applied. İf you don’t know your skin type; you can learn by a skin expert or beauty expert. As we said, skin is most important cloth of protect our skin, we need to clean in truly.

How Daily Skin Care Should Be Done

Cleaning Types As Per Skin

You should find your skin type and you should apply as per your skin type

Cleaning Gel

Mostly for oily and combination skin type

Cleansing Milk

You should us for dry and sensitive skin. Because of high oil rate, you shouldn’t us for oily skin type


generally, after clean your face it can be poured over cotton and be applied on skin. in this way dirt of skin is purified and compacted.

Makeup removal products should be fit your skin and it should be used for area to be cleaned. For instance, you couldn’t use eye cleansing milk for your face. Because it was produced considering the skin structure in that area.

You haven’t need to buy cleansing products. you can do this product at home.

Yogurt Mask For Combination And Oily Skin

You mix small amount of yogurt and Barkingside and apply your skin. You should do is once a week otherwise your skin can be irritation. Thus, it removes blackheads and clean your face.

Make Cleansing Milk At Home

You mix a small amount of shampoo, olive oil and water. poured over cotton and clean your makeup.

Daily Skin Care In Order

Wash your face when you wake up in the mornings this way your skin will be brighter. After applying cleansing milk and gel, you should use sun protector is very important to clean your skin at night to get rid of exhaustion and dirt of skin. Firstly, we start with removing makeup of eye. Eye counter is very sensitive, that’s why you should apply product for it. Then you should clean face and neck and wash with water. If you want compact your skin you can apply tonic. you can apply night cream and you can sleep in comfort.

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