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As an esthetician in LA who has built a business on the premise that I am holistic, I feel like I’m in constantly swimming upstream with the general public about how to treat the skin. So much so that I find myself continuously navigating how holistic work fits in a modern world. From rescheduling clients because of their botox appointments to desperately trying to convince another one that micro-needling will not fix their skin’s barrier. It had become inevitable that I would have to find a common ground amongst the sea of modern skincare with the reckless promise of “quick fix” but something happened to me that changed my compliance to this exhausting back and forth. My agreeable filter disappeared and I decided to be honest about the truth behind it all.

Okay, now I’m about to make a bold statement but it’s the truth…are you ready????:


You knew that though.

But for the few people who are still not in the know about this fact and often feel triggered by the overly perfected complexions of the Hollywood elite and top influencers who take over your social media, I’m here to share the news. Even wellness influencers (not all) but enough to confidently write this. And if it’s not injections, it’s the laser, peel, or micro-needling trend du jour.

None of which I’m a fan of, because they go against my 13 year education on skin health and longevity. I know that I mention how long I’ve been an esthetician in almost every post but it’s to drive the point home. Especially since most bloggers that write similar content are only “skincare experts” and not an actual licensed professional. That’s an assumption with a slight hint of shade, but it’s important for you to understand that I’m writing this because I care that you get the perspective of someone who actually works on skin DAILY. You deserve that insight without worrying that this is a sponsored post or just some googled garbage posted together.

Okay, back to the point…

Most people in LA get the more modern advanced treatments for skin all the while trying to balance a healthy lifestyle with holistic practices to help even it out. This means eating everything organic from Erewhon but then getting their skin slathered with chemically processed skincare and traumatizing their outer organ with harsh procedures. No pain, no gain right? WRONG, it’s more like no flow, no glow. At the end of the day, those procedures might give you a “quick fix” but they are typically very disruptive to the long term health of your skin. They are isolated practices that create a false sense of hope for long term healing. What is long term healing you ask? It’s the consideration holistic practitioners take for future you in your later decades.

It’s no joke when I say that most people start coming to me because I’m their last hope. Those people have tried everything and realized that their immunity can’t handle being triggered by acids and heat light pulses. Especially since we live in a sunny and polluted city where you’ll be sensitized to your environment instead of set up for success long-term.

I remember when I was in a human growth and development class as a community college back when I was 23. I was feeling inspired to learn/go back to school because like many of you I was conditioned to think that a college degree immediately equates to success in life. But who was I fooling? I’m debt-free and run my own business now, so it’s all good. However, something I did learn in the class was that ALL medications have side effects and they only treat a certain problem. This wasn’t necessarily news to me because I’ve been on plenty of medication during my lifetime, and was already an esthetician for 4 years at that point where I could first-hand see the side effects of prescription drugs on my clients skin health. Somehow in this class though, I realized that no matter how you put it, Western medicine has that flaw to it as it only treats the symptom. It’s incredible that the advancements in medicine are creating opportunities for people’s health in ways that weren’t possible decades ago, but do we really know the long term effects of some of these advancements? No, and we won’t for a long time. That’s why I’m skeptical of injections and other advanced modern skin procedures. When I first started in esthetics, there were fewer options and they were not as accessible as they are now. Nowadays there are injections bars like blow dry bars – what kind of favor are we doing for people when we are just making these practices more accessible??? It encourages the mindset that there is safety without side effects long term. Most practitioners who are administering these procedures have a healthy understanding of the immediate effects of their practices, yet they are not considering the dependency that is being created on a human who’s immunity can be ever-changing.

Liability forms and waivers are also sort of a moot point here because people lie about their health care all the time. I can’t tell you the amount of time that I’ve asked people to give me an update on their health and halfway through a treatment they share with me that they are now on some new medication, for their skin or had recently had a trendy procedure done. People who want something done with their skin will find a way to make it happen. If it isn’t with a specific doctor or nurse practitioner, there is a groupon out there waiting to be scooped up by them for a potentially reckless outcome.

I’m not trying to ruin your day if you have had any of the above mentioned procedures done. I respect you if you have found a way to treat your skin with these procedures administered by people you trust and you now consider it a form of your self-care. Who am I to tell you that’s wrong? I’m not here to say that at all because at the end of the day – your body, your choice. And if that choice is based off of ethical practices that elevate you, BY ALL MEANS, go for it.

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