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Whether it is Eau De Toilette, Eau Du Parfum or Perfume Mists, we all want our scents to create a lasting impression and leave us feeling refreshed all day long- now more than ever. For long-lasting fragrances that stay on you throughout the day, how you apply the perfume definitely makes all the difference! 

Our pulse points, behind the ears, at the base of the throat, on the wrists, are recommended by many perfumers as being among the best places to apply the perfume. 

From a subtle floral perfume to an intoxicating and spicy fragrance, we’ve got some tips on the best places for you to spray your perfume, and these go one step ahead of your pulse points and into more unconventional areas, including, here’s a hint, your hair. 

Areas To Apply Your Perfume: 

Your Pulse Points 

The tried and true adage that spraying perfume on your pulse points will make it last longer. The reason for this is that these points on your body emanate heat, and this helps your fragrance released into the air. The give warmest spots on your body are base of the throat, behind the ear, on the wrists, in the inner elbow and behind your knees. Hold your bottle anywhere from three to six inches away and two to four spritz are often enough. Remember not to overspray.  

On The Collar Bone – A very popular area to spray perfume, the base of your throat is a great place to ensure your fragrance gracefully wafts toward your face all day. Spray the hollow at the base of your neck to trap the fragrance on a pulse point that will keep the scent gently emanating.

Behind the Ear – Give a direct spritz on the pulse point behind your ear to keep your fragrance fresh around your face all day.  If the top of your ears is a bit oily, spray a little perfume there, too. Oil helps trap fragrance and will keep the scent around your head for hours. 

spray perfume

On Your Wrists – This tip needs no introduction as since we first held the first perfume in our hands, we are immediately taught to spritz some of it first on our wrists. This helps to trap the scents – but remember, do not rub your wrists together, as this breaks the fragrance molecules and you don’t want this to happen. Let the perfume dry down on its own and you’ll enjoy this fragrance experience through the day. 

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Inner Elbow – As Summer creeps in, our arms are exposed and this is a great place to ensure your perfume lasts longer on you. Simply spray some inside the crook of your arm but again, be careful not to bend your arms until the perfume hasn’t dried down to avoid breaking down the scent. 

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Behind the Knees – As we’re now spending a lot more time in our pj’s and shorts, experiment with spraying your fragrance behind your knees. Your exposed legs will help waft the scent around your lower half. A tip to trap this fragrance would be to apply your fragrance right after you apply moisturizer on your legs. 

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Unconventional Areas To Spray Your Fragrance: 

Give your perfumes a moment to shine and get lasting longevity too with these tips from our Master Perfumer, Rajiv Sheth. From your head to your toes, we’ve got some unique places on your body for you to spray your perfume. 

On Your Clevage – After a shower, spray your fragrance lightly on your chest. While this doesn’t have the same longevity as a well-aimed spray on your pulse points, this will leave you with a subtle, sexy sheen of your chosen perfume. 

spray perfume

In Your Hair – Spray your fragrance or Perfume Mist on to your hairbrush or comb and notice the change in your aura as you spend the day cooking your favourite meal, zooming through your meetings and dancing away to your Bollywood work-out. This little tip will guarantee major scent longevity. 

spray perfume

On Your Torso – Like your chest, spray a little spritz of your perfume on your torso. This will help you smell great even as you sweat through your workout and daily chores. 

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