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Serum Absolute V15

Meet the anti-aging serum everyone should be using. V15 is not your average vitamin C. Firstly; this serum is fermented. It’s effervescence not only naturally preserves the formulation but intensifies the nutrient density of every ingredient in its blend. 15% L Ascorbic acid partners with zinc, copper, calcium, iron, and silicon co-factors, essential nutrients for healthy skin function.

I could write an entire blog post on vitamin c, which at some point, I definitely will. Vitamin C increases collagen and elastin production, neutralizes age-inducing free radicals, protects against UV damage, brightens the skin, and even prevents breakouts. Topical application is 20 times more effective than oral ingestion. But as with everything, delivery is incredibly important. For vitamin C to properly absorb into the skin, it needs to have a pH of 3.5. V15 is formulated at a pH of 3.2 to achieve maximum skin absorption.

I know it’s common to apply vitamin C in the morning for protection throughout the day. However, studies have shown that L ascorbic acid applied topically at a percentage of 15-20% stays in the skin up to 24 hrs or, as this study shows when used consistently for five consecutive days, will reduce to half that amount four days later. Ultimately this means, you can apply vitamin C at night and still reap all its benefits during the day. Additionally, I prefer using V15 at night because of the low pH.

Pro Tip: Use your actives at night! During the day, your skin is on defense. Its barrier is working hard to lock in moisture and keep out pollution, which means the product does not penetrate as deep. At night, your skin lets its guard down and puts its energy toward renewal.  While you sleep, every cell in your body regenerates, and your skin is more permeable, allowing for better absorption of actives.

Keep this in mind when you choose to apply certain products. Use hydrating, protective, antioxidant serums in the morning and use active anti-aging serums at night.

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