How to Use Biolage’s New Color Balm Color-Depositing Conditioners

Biolage just launched ColorBalm, a new line of vegan, color-depositing conditioners in six shades ranging from natural to bold plus Clear that can be mixed in for more options. The idea? Clients can refresh, enhance and condition their hair at home without the damage (think of this as an answer to clients who took their haircolor into their own hands at home during the pandemic—yikes!)

“The Color Balm line is truly innovative for both professionals and consumers,” says Biolage global ambassador and celebrity stylist Sunnie Brook. “Biolage ColorBalm is the first at-home, color-depositing treatment I’ve used that provides intense conditioning benefits while nourishing the hair in an easy, damage-free color solution.”

The shades allow blondes to play with lavender or add subtle iridescence, brunettes to add richness and depth to their locks, and redheads to combat faded color and maintain the brightness of their color. The collection was developed to work on all hair levels and is suitable for all hair types—from straight and fine to coarse and thick.

Shades include Red Poppy, Saffron Red, Chai Tea, Cinnamon, Earl Grey, Lavender and Clear. When used at the back bar, stylists can further seal in color when combining with the Biolage Acidic Milk Rinse.


  1. On clean, towel-dried hair, apply the desired Color Balm shade or combo. Dilute with Clear if desired. Colors can be cocktailed for different shades. Gloves should be used.
  2. Let sit for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on desired shade. 
  3. Rinse and style. Color Balm can be used up to once a week to maintain color.

Follow this chart to achieve the optimal shade.


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