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How to use: Dr Hauschka Night Serum

Oil-free night time skin care; revolutionary or simply what our skin needs?

Why would you use Dr Hauschka Night Serum?

This essential night-time skin care revitalises the skin, supports elimination and helps restore healthy natural balance.

Your skin will breathe and eliminate and produce its own moisture and hydration, leading to a clear and well-hydrated fresh complexion in the morning.

Beautifully fragrant ingredients including apple fruit hydrosol and apple blossom extract support the skin’s natural rhythms and maintains the skin’s regeneration process, supporting night time metabolism to ensure a complexion radiant with vitality.

You will notice the transformation of your the skin’s condition.

Why don’t Dr Hauschka make night creams or oil-based night products?

Dr Hauschka products work with the natural rhythm of our skin.

During the day, moisturisers need to be cream or oil-based because they hydrate and protect the skin.

At night, the skin no longer needs protection. Instead this is the time that the skin becomes active. Many metabolic processes occur at night, elimination increases and cellular renewal takes place.

Dr Hauschka night care products are oil-free and highly effective; by supporting the skin’s own natural functions they enable dynamic metabolic processes to occur easily without impeding the active excretion of substances.

In other words, Dr Hauschka oil-free night time products encourages two important processes:

  1. The skin continues to produce its’ own oils and so remains hydrated and vibrant across the years.
  2. 2. Oil-free night care allows the skin to eliminate unhindered which reduces congestion and the resulting enlarged pores.

To use: After your evening cleanse, lightly spritz with Facial Toner and apply a tiny amount – about the size of a petit pois! – of Dr Hauschka Night Serum to face, neck and decollete.

Initially, your skin may feel a little tight immediately after applying the Night Serum, especially if you have been using a moisturiser or night cream previously. This is normal and you will notice that your skin settles. The proof that it is working will be that your skin feels comfortable and looks brighter and clearer in the morning.

‘I wasn’t sure what to make of this serum at first as it’s not like anything I’ve tried before. I’m quite new to the concept of not using a night time moisturiser. The first few times I used it my face felt really tight. However I persevered as I read that it takes a month for you skin to adjust and now I’m totally converted, it glides on easily and is absorbed quickly. It feels fresh and light. As I’m coming up to my months end I’ve noticed the initial tightness has completely faded as my skin adjusts. My complexion seems lighter and my pores are definitely smaller. Dare I say it but my skin even feels a bit firmer than before. A little goes a long way and I will definitely be repurchasing.’ Lisa Little. Customer review.

Vegan product.

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