How To “Zoom” to Visual Perfection Before Your Next Virtual Meeting

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Quick Hairstyles

Whether your hair is long or short, chances are a missed alarm means rushing to hop on a Zoom call. Let’s be honest: No one wants bedhead to be the first thing their coworkers notice when they hop on a call. Getting rid of bedhead may seem like a daunting task, but the solutions for bedhead are sometimes so simple you may overlook them entirely.

Wearing a Hat

It’s that simple. Who can tell what kind of hair day you’re having if it’s covered by your favorite hat? Not only that, but the right hat is a great way to show company spirit. Many companies offer apparel to their workers, much of it consisting of hats. However, if your company doesn’t do this, go out and purchase a hat that features your company colors. Not only will you be showing company spirit, but you’ll never be late for a call due to hairstyling. Wearing a hat is undoubtedly a quick and simple solution for bedhead.

Fixing A Ponytail

Who doesn’t have a hair tie or scrunchy lying around their house? If you’re close to being late for a Zoom call and you’re having a bad hair day, go find a hair tie. Better yet, be proactive. Investing in some hair ties will certainly prove useful during those mornings when you’re in a rush. 

Quick Braids

Braids are a great way to compensate for bedhead. Side braids and French braids only take a couple of minutes to do and take much less time than deciding to iron your hair. Braids indicate you have taken time and effort to achieve a look that you are proud of and speak volumes regarding elegance, commitment and dedication. The pure simplicity of one’s natural hairstyle coupled with the art of braiding produces a fierce, fiery and confident look. Not only will you look fabulous, but you’ll overcome the anxieties of rushing to make your meeting.

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Natural Makeup Tips

Trying to successfully finish and perfect a full beat less than 10 minutes before a Zoom call is less likely than fitting a square block in a round hole. We all may have tried it as kids, but it’s pretty likely that it won’t work out. Here are some simple natural makeup tips that will be sure to make you pop on video while conserving all the time you can before your meeting.

Quick Eyeliner

The contrast that eyeliner creates is even more prominent on video. A simple pass with some eyeliner is a sure-fire way to make your eyes pop on-screen and appear more awake.


Let’s face it: A pimple is more likely to go away in a couple of days rather than a few minutes before your zoom call. That is, of course, unless you apply some foundation. A quick pass with some foundation is a great way to generate a more awake and lively look especially when on a video call.

Dressing for Success

Plan out your outfit before your call. It’s easy to tell when someone has put some thought into their appearance as opposed to throwing something on at the last minute. We all have free time throughout the day. Whether it is before bed, after dinner, or first thing in the morning, it is important to allocate some time to dedicating thought regarding your outfit.

Adjusting Camera Focus

You’re the director of your life’s story, and in this case, your presence in your Zoom call. You can call attention to different parts of your body that you want to show off or prevent things from being seen, like the fact you may not have had time to get your nails done. Whatever the case, take some time before logging on to the call to test your Zoom video and ensure that you like the lighting, angle and focus. This simple test can easily transform anyone’s appearance on Zoom. 

Becoming “Zoom-Worthy”

You already are. Unfortunately, sometimes the devil on our shoulders tries to convince us otherwise. Whether this is because of bedhead, tiredness or not having enough time to plan out an outfit, there is always a solution that will make you feel more confident and feeling “Zoom-worthy”. Want to learn more? Check out our services at Evergreen Beauty College.



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