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My husband and I realized something about me recently. If you get a chance to sit with me for a lunch, facial or just a brief encounter in the grocery store – you may end up indulging me with your life story. The name “therapeutic skin coach” is not 100% based on my experience as an esthetician. For as long as I can remember I have the type of personality that immediately comforts someone to have them share their life with me. It makes sense that when I first signed up for college I simply put “psychology” down as my option for a major since I have sort of always felt like a bit of a therapist. That being said it hasn’t always been easy to be an esthetician. Estheticians wear many, many hats that unless you walk in our shoes, you may not realize how much we have to do. First, we need to be able to analyze just about any skin condition. There are many party conversations that turn to “you should take a look at this thing on my back” or a text with attached photo that says “what do you think this might be?”. Secondly, we need to be able to run our businesses. I have to place orders, manage my business accounts, set up projections for myself and have to keep my permits, licenses and insurances all up to date. Things I never thought I’d have to worry about or rather even know anything about. Probably one of the most important parts of the job however is sales. I have to sell myself, sell you on my service, sell you on my products, sell you on everything. And you know what, I’m so not a sales person.

Over the weekend, I was reminded of a few aspects of my career that I have been fortunate enough to shed. Every single spa or store I have been associated with have forced upon a quota that I have to reach in order to make any money in this business. One spa I worked at wouldn’t give a sales commission unless you sold over $300 dollars worth of retail to each client. To me, that’s just insane. I was always reminded that I can’t attempt to sell to someone as if I assume they have my same wallet size, so I can’t assume someone doesn’t want to spend $300 is what I was told. None of that helped me shift my thought process however and so I continued to put the best interest of the client first. My retention rate was always great because I never forced anyone to buy things they weren’t ready for or didn’t need. It just felt like it never mattered to my employer that I was putting the best interest of the client first. Sales aren’t always a bad thing, I’ve reached incredible bonuses before that have happened naturally without force. If I make a suggestion for someone’s skin, that usually means that I am ready to help keep them accountable for their daily care.

Most of the time our skin issues stem from a rooted issue in which a product can’t always fix it. Over the weekend I did a few events after having committed to them almost half a year ago while my situation was much different. I honored my commitment and was optimistic that I would reach my goals and move on with my day. That didn’t happen. I recognized really quickly that I can’t turn on the salesperson lingo anymore. For example, one of the customers that signed up for a consultation with me had an issue that could be solved with simply switching toothpastes. I told her to invest in a $10 natural toothpaste instead of selling her $100 worth of “breakout” products. I’m not meant to sit and sell something just for the act of selling. The line I was representing is so special and truly one of a kind. I was honored that they asked me but regardless of how much I wanted to fit the mold of “brand ambassador” or “sales rep”, I simply couldn’t turn it on for them.

I’ve shed a lot of layers over the past few years and my level of authenticity in my work is something I simply can’t go backwards on. I appreciate the test the universe wanted to gift me with but it’s just become so much more clear to me that how I’m running my business and my life just has to be on my own terms. I am so grateful for brands that I admire who want me to be apart of their team but as I mentioned in my “girlboss” post, I’m just past the point of working for others anymore.

I promise to you and myself that I will continue to follow my authentic path and avoid the sales pitch from now on. If I love a product, or think you should look into something new I’ll let you know. Otherwise I won’t force upon you an unnecessary purchase. Thank you for reading and if you have questions or comments feel free to post them below. Xo – Hayley

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