Indian Sandalwood Oil superior to vit E in anti-ageing effects on skin

French and Australian researchers found the oil functioned effectively offering protection against environmental stressors such as blue light and cigarette smoke.

The research team found the Indian sandalwood oil recorded a reactive oxygen species reduction 30-40% higher than the recorded reduction from vitamin E.

“The human skin is constantly exposed to external stressors such as solar irradiation, air pollution and – with the rapid rise in technology and digitalisation – digital pollution such as blue light,”​ explains Dr Dhanushka Hettiarachchi, Product Manager for Quintis Sandalwood, who provided funding for the  study.

“Skin cells were also exposed to a source of solar blue light and digital blue light, and those cells produced reactive oxygen species, which begins a cascade of reactions detrimental to a healthy skin.

“However, when the cell cultures were treated with sandalwood oil, production of reactive oxygen species reduced by up to 76%.”

Study details

The study used a probe to assess the antioxidant capacity of the oil following exposure to blue light at 412 nanometres (nm) and 450 nm or cigarette smoke.

The anti-aging effect of sandalwood oil was also explored in human skin cells via its effect on the levels of the enzyme collagenase (MMP1), which digest collagen tissue.

Findings revealed that the oil possessed an antioxidant potential that works by scavenging the reactive oxygen species (ROS) in skin cells generated by a free radical generating compound, AAPH.

“When isolated skin tissue was exposed to simulated environmental pollution including cigarette and ozone, the enzyme MMP1 which digests the collagen tissue was increased,”​ adds Dr Hettiarachchi.

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