Indie personal care brand new layered-scent deodorant sticks

Rustic MAKA launched its first product in 2014. It was a deodorant called Pachy, a Polish word for ‘underarms’. Today the brand sells four different deodorant formulas and a full assortment of body care and underarm care products, including soaps, masks, scrubs, and more.

The brand sells DTC on its own site​ as well as across the US in some 150+ doors, including at Junk Free Beauty in Brooklyn, New York, select GNC locations, select Whole Foods Markets, and at Plum Markets as well as in numerous natural food shops, chiropractic offices, nutrition shops, and wellness boutiques.

Rustic MAKA introduces Deo Duos to the personal care marketplace

Now this month, the brand has launched two new deodorant sticks, each with two scents layered into one tube: one layers together the brand’s All That Sass scent with Sweet Lemonade, the other is comprised of Rustic MAKA’s Mystic River scent and the Clean Bliss scent.

It’s common knowledge now that many indie beauty brand leaders innovate from personal experience and/or close communication with their customers. Accordingly, the Deo Duos promise to help consumers over (a mild instance of) decision paralysis and to avoid boredom around the everyday hygiene habit of using deodorant.

“These are not your average deodorants, as both DEO DUO sticks are layered with two unique scents in one container, meaning you will never get bored again,” ​states the brand’s recent media release about the Deo Duos launch. And later the brand advises, “Never run into the problem of not knowing which deodorant scent to use again.”

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