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What you want to do is simply add the appropriate herb to water ratio to a big mason jar with a lid. Typically 1-3 teaspoon of your herb of choice per cup of water is ideal. Start by adding in the herbs to your mason jar and pour over your boiled water to start infusing. I let the mason jar sit sealed overnight either on my countertop or if I’m making a bulk amount, in my refrigerator. In the morning I simply strain out the herbs to enjoy the smooth taste of mineral-rich infusion water.

My favorite infusion recipes include the following options:

Nettle, Oat Straw, alfalfa, horsetail, red clover, mint (mineral rich)

Lavender, red clover, lemon (calming)

Rosehip, hibiscus, dandelion (more detox)

You can play around or speak with an herbalist about a blend that is right for you but when I started I would mix in nettle for its rich vitamin B profile to help restore my adrenals, and oat straw to help soothe my nervous system.

Other herb benefits include:

Alfalfa is rich in vitamin K, soothing to the digestion, and can become a great blood cleanser

Horsetail is rich in silica, helps with kidney and bladder support, and is anti-bacterial

Red Clover is great for PMS, menopause, helps with coughs, and is great for most skin conditions

Mint can soothe the digestive tract and calm the system of irritation, cramps, and indigestion

Lavender is antiseptic, soothing, healing for cuts, and can also help reduce any anxiety

Lemon balm helps to heal wounds, supports the heart and liver, and is a wonderful antioxidant

Rosehip is filled with vitamin C to help with overall immunity as well as support skin healing for wounds and scars

Hibiscus is antioxidant rich to help prevent oxidative stress, supports healthy cholesterol and is naturally a wonderful source of AHA

Dandelion is amazing for supporting liver detoxification, and is rich in iron, calcium, vitamins c + a

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