Introducing: Benecell Microneedling System with Epidermal Growth Factors


A powerful anti-aging serum with 100ppm EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) that restores skins youthful radiance, minimizes signs of aging, and repairs compromised skin.
This intensely firming serum regenerates skin damage, restores the skin’s moisture balance and delivers multiple anti-aging benefits. It also helps boost collagen and elastin synthesis for a firmer younger-looking complexion.

Active Benestem Complex: 8 different growth factors, 20 amino acids, Vitamin B & C, and essential lipids are encapsulated in liposome for better penetration and delivery.

Allantoin: Soothe, Protect, Stimulate Regeneration

Panthenol: Non-toxic Hydration
Niacinamide & Anti-aging

Adenosine: Skin Restorative, Anti-Wrinkle

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