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Posse!  I have a confession to make:  I love ironing.

Love that the name is ‘cottonbro’

Oh, get up off the floor.  Folks still iron… don’t they?  I do.  I iron all the time.  It’s soothing – and you get crisp sheets and handkerchiefs and a little bump of an iron on a linen shirt just pulls it all together.  Yep.  I luhs me some ironing.

Beyond the end product I love all the moving parts.  I tend to iron in the afternoon, when motes are drifting through sunlight (I do not iron on cloudy days – dunno why) and the quiet of the afternoon (remember where I live), coupled with the hiss of the steam and the light filtering through … and the smell.  It’s a lovely time, just me, the birds, some quiet…and the iron.

And oh, the smell.  There’s something so calming about the smell of hot fabric, that little release of residue from previous ironings (or washings) – and if you use sizing or starch… oh, what a wonderful world!  I remember when Clean (the fragrance line) first came out – and I was so mesmerized by the smell.  I wore the living daylights out of that, until I started to get headaches from it  – and even then I wondered why it (and the whole genre it spawned) was so popular. I think it’s because, unlike a lot of perfumes that smell like perfume the whole ‘clean’ oeuvre seems to be on par with that whole ‘baby’ thing that was so prevalent in the 70s – more of a amalgamated scent memory… it was definitely the 70s   But lemmetellya – 1971 or 2021 – wear Love’s Baby Soft… let me know how that works for you.  I wore it on the train to Chicago a few weeks ago, just to see what happened – the conductor (who was FOINE, btw, so that was a W for this old lady) stopped by my seat about 10 times!!!  I’ve got a ‘date’ coming up and I was going to wear something more complicated – but it’s with a guy (with a capital GUY) so I think I’mo break out the LBSoft again. 😉 – it’s bizarre, how that drugstore scent …. well… y’know..

…but back to ‘clean’.  There are still tons of ‘clean’ (and clean adjacent) scents out there – it’s  a really tenacious genre.  The Clean brand itself has about 200 iterations – my favorite for just spritzing around (not on me, more just around) is Clean Warm Cotton, which is the closest I have gotten to that ‘just-ironed’ smell.   I have worn it as a personal perfume – and omg, how folks do love it – but, as with Lauder’s White Linen, something in it, when worn on my skin, ends up giving me a headache.  But it’s nice spritzed on pillows, especially sofa pillows.  Demeter Linen is a lovely one  – I used to spritz this on the inside of a blouse or sweater right before I put it on – it never seemed to interfere with whatever ‘real’ perfume I put on, instead giving it this weird ‘boost’ and if you are feeling louche, you can give your closet a few hefty spritzed (careful not to spritz directly on clothes, of course) and shut the door.  Go back to the closet a few hours later… sublime.

So.  That’s a whole bunch of weirdness, huh?  Ironing Musette, some clean scents… laundry..

How do you feel about ‘clean’ scents?  Do you ever wear them as perfume.  Do you iron?  Inquiring minds want to know!!  Surely some of you out there are My People?


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