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Is green beauty still considered safe? 

Since it is #earthmonth, I wanted to explore some commonly asked questions on #greenskincare now that it has become more mainstream. With so many new brands out there claiming to be safe just because they can fall under the “green beauty” category, it’s become a little harder to navigate what exactly qualifies as safe beauty care.

The most effective path to take while diving into this subject is for you to evaluate your personal definition of what’s safe for you. Unfortunately, the cosmetic regulations on what’s safe for the public are still very disappointing which means we are on our own with identifying levels of safety. For some that could mean that safe ingredients need to be basically safe enough to be edible and for some, they just want to avoid certain common endocrine disruptors. 

For me personally, I have filtered out which ingredients I don’t like having in my body care and household items a long time ago based on previous reactions. So at this point, it’s easy for me to just read ingredients and decide if I feel my skin would benefit or not. That list differs from person to person so it’s okay to be in a position where you are still figuring it out. It’s just like reading food labels, so you just have to learn how to read a beauty care label (I’ll do a video on this soon). 

One of the best ways to filter out what feels safe for you is to dive a little deeper into the brand’s ethos. More times than not, the brand founders developed their products in order to create a safer alternative from what is conventionally available. Their story of their WHY is usually made very clear in their brand’s bio and therefore transparency is often very clear. 

If after a little digging you still haven’t found your specific answers, reach out directly to the brand. If they lack direct transparency with you, then perhaps you don’t need to be their customer. I hope this helps and drop your questions in the comments!

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