Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner Created a Fragrance for KKW Beauty — Interview

ALLURE: What’s the story behind the packaging?

KIM: “I was inspired by an older etched glass. I wanted something that was very classic. We had a sketch artist draw it out and went back and forth with them until it was perfected. I just wanted something really different.

For the shape of the bottle, each point actually represents one of my mom’s children. This bottle was like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and the scent matches just that. It has a sweet scent because of all the floral notes that are infused into it like gardenia, tuberose, and cashmere woods. If I had to guess what Kris Jenner would smell like, this would truly be it. Smells like wisdom and wealth to me.”

ALLURE: Why did you decide to shoot the campaign images in black and white?

KIM: “I just wanted it to all be super classic, and the bottle has a stone kind of look, so I just wanted the entire vibe to be a really classic one.”

Courtesy of KKW Fragrance

ALLURE: Kris, what fragrance do you have the longest relationship with? Do you have a signature scent?

KRIS: “I think it’s so true that when someone starts wearing fragrance when they are young, it kind of sticks with them for a very long time. The first fragrance I ever wore was Charlie by Revlon, and that’s really taking it back, but I wore that for about a decade.

Then I discovered Michael by Michael Kors, and I think I wore that for about 15 or 20 years. And then Kim had a fragrance that I really connected with and loved, and that was her very first one, Kim Kardashian, and I have been wearing that since it launched.”

ALLURE: What non-perfume scents remind you of each other?

KIM: “Chocolate fudge brownies remind me of my mom because as a kid she was always making them.”

KRIS: “For Kim, we live across the street from each other and typically, when things are normal, I am at her house all the time and I think it’s just the way her entire home smells. It’s so delicious. Walking in, she has this certain scent and all the candles going, or she just popped out of the shower, she’s just done her hair — it’s just her personal smell. It’s so wonderful.”

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