La Vierge de Fer by Serge Lutens

Hi there Posse! La Vierge de Fer isn’t one of the revered Serge Lutens fragrances. Patty loathes it and March loves lily as a note. When it was released in 2013 the reviews were very mixed and I wasn’t looking for a lily, thinking it would be a sad, wet, soapy wash of nearly nothing. Also, I already had DKNY Gold, which I thought was going to be my lily for life. Amusingly, when I’ve put La Vierge de Fer up as my SOTD on the FB perfume pages, saying how much I enjoy it, there have been some VERY mixed responses. Most people saying I’m crazy and it’s crap. Maybe the newer productions are nicer, or maybe I am crazy.

La Vierge de Fer by Serge Lutens 2013

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Lily, Mineral notes

Well, the note list is no bloody help at all. There definitely is a lily, plus some other white flowers and I feel like there is a very cleaned up tuberose hiding in here. There’s a freshly peeled cucumber skin, some room temperature watering a very thin spread of butter. Of mineral notes I find nothing, well not nothing but it feels like a very tiny part of the whole, more like petrichor than my idea of mineral.

Pretty is the word that keeps popping into my head. It also seems to be a theme that many cheap imitations have come after. A couple of them that come to mind are one of the Juicy Couture oeuvre and Paris Hilton Fairy Dust, I think there’s also a Tocca that does a very similar thing. Difference being Serge Lutens still manages to smell luxurious to me (I could easily have had my snob activated here).

A perfect summer spritz. Definitely leaning traditional femme but it smells very good, and unexpected, on the dudes as well. Longevity is surprisingly good and projection is low key.

Surrender To Chance has samples

So La Vierge de Fer? Lover or hater?
Portia xx

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