Lazy weekend poll ~ 6 questions for late August 2021 :: Now Smell This

1. What fragrance are you wearing today?

SL Vetiver Oriental, because I love it and saw it mentioned a couple of times in yesterday’s post.

2. What’s the next fragrance you’d like to try?

I’m fine with what I have right now. So far behind new releases, there’s no hope of catching up. Although, I’d love to try Spell 125 from Papillon Perfumes..!

3. Do you wear fragrance every day, or do you take breaks, or …? I

I usually wear something everyday except for the past couple of weeks, because of some personal upheavals. Back to daily wear now, unless I’m going to be in a bear/cougar area.

4. Is your current collection too small, too big or just right?

Just right, although I do have some I should off load since I only reach for them occasionally.

5. We haven’t done a pandemic poll since Memorial Day. If you’d like to share how your area is doing with Covid-19, or how the pandemic is affecting you lately, please do.

I’m currently in one of the top 10 states for vaccination (about 60%), but I sure wish it was higher. Travel nursing is quite busy, as it has been for the last year and a half. I’m a little burned out after 6 months is Arizona on a covid contract and 3 months in the Seattle/Tacoma are with its unique patient population. Not planning on working again until the end of September or beginning of October. Still masking whenever I’m around other people, using public restrooms, etc. I’m of course concerned about Delta, but more worried about what may be coming down the pike.

6. Share something wonderful with us! It can be anything — the most fun thing you did this summer (or winter), something delicious you ate, your latest binge-worthy TV series, the last good book you read, any fabulous news you recently received — really, anything.

I very happy to take some time off and just dawdle around in my van. I’ve met some amazing people doing this and I don’t regret embarking on this journey whatsoever. I love watching my dog scamper around on beaches, in woods, and generally make everyone she meets smile. Even confirmed dog haters love her as evidenced by an old guy who was walking towards us and said, “I don’t like dogs, keep her away from me!” So I put her on a sit/stay so he could pass by and she just sat there, gazing adoringly up at him, big smile on her face and tail going a mile a minute. His response-“ Well, I guess this one’s not so bad” and even let her lick his hand. 😍

I would be truly overjoyed if we could have a nice long gentle rain all over the world, the complete dousing of forest fires, the end of covid, and people stopped killing each other. Too much to ask for, I know…

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