L’Oréal patents natural sugar-based hair styling formula for curly hair

Writing in its international patent​​, L’Oréal said it had developed a leave-in hair styling composition from a blend of sugar alcohols, saccharide compounds and pectin that provided “excellent hair styling benefits” ​for curly hair, without the need for synthetic film-forming polymers and/or silicones. The formulation, it said, offering durable styling, shaping benefits, curl definition, curl regularity, improved shine and frizz control.

The blend could be used in a variety of non-emulsion leave-in hair styling formats, including gels, creams, milks, mousses and clays, but also even sprays where it could be incorporated as part of a hair care kit with a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. L’Oréal said this international patent claimed benefit of priority to US and French patents filed back in February 2020 and March 2020, respectively.

Multi-functional hair care that is ‘pleasing to the senses’

“Consumers desire new multi-functional hair products that can impart good styling benefits to hair, are durable, and impart certain cosmetic characteristics to the hair,” ​L’Oréal wrote in its patent.

“Such products should be pleasing to the senses, have innovative, interesting and/or pleasing textures, without loss in functional performance. Furthermore, many consumers prefer hair products that provide a light feel, are easy to apply, and add shine and lustre to the hair.”

However, the company said some existing products designed for hair styling and shaping were “often sticky or tacky upon application”​ and once dried could become “stiff and/or crunchy” – ​aspects that were “undesirable for many consumers”.

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