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Lubin Paris Anna and Eva by Olya Bar©

There are times when you want your fragrances to be elegant, beautiful and uncomplicated. That is exactly what you get with Lubin Paris Anna and Eva, each  evokes the classic simplicity of a  breezy and airy white summer dress. They are the first additions to Lubin Paris’s new collection Portraits des Femmes; two scent portraits of beautiful women living worlds apart, as if they were twin sisters torn apart at an early age, brought up in different countries. Each young woman is on an olfactory journey. Anna lives in Amsterdam while Eva is in the heart of Sicily. Portraits des Femmes is a celebration of femininity that feels like a continuation of beautiful women that served as inspiration to Lubin for years.

Lubin Paris history

courtesy of Lubin Paris

I love anything with a good story, and House of Lubin comes with plenty of them. One of the oldest perfume houses still in existence today, it traces back to 1798, when Pierre Francois Lubin opened his first boutique, naming it “ Au Bouquet de Roses” a discrete tribute to Queen Marie Antoinette, after she was beheaded. By 1815 Maison Lubin was known as “the holder of the Beauty Secrets of the French Court,” using the renowned perfumer Jean Louis Fargeon and another master scent maker Tombarelli. There is unequivocal influence of both French and Italian perfumery“ methods’ throughout all Lubin fragrances which continues to this day.

Lubin Paris Anna review

Lubin Paris Anna photo by Olya©

Let our journeys begin. We find Anna in the heart of Amsterdam, stepping off the boat from a morning ride along the canal. It’s a warm day, and her cheeks are flushed with the excitement of all the attention she has  garnered from the young gentlemen who surround her. She is playful, elegant, and thoroughly enjoys the power she holds over her young suitors. She brings the salty marine accord of the canal and  the pink grapefruit giggles as she walks across the flower market, passing by the stands filled with roses and heady aroma of ylang-ylang. The market is bursting with colorful flowers, and the scents of early summer float on the breeze.

Lubin Paris Eva review

Lubin Paris Eva photo Olya Bar©

Lubin Paris Eva evokes a delicious sparkling aperitif drink that quenches your thirst on a hot summer afternoon.  We find Eva in the heart of Sicily, barefoot and carefree, inhaling the aroma of the fresh cut grass, still covered in the morning dew, amid delectable orange groves, by her father’s villa. She is daydreaming of the English countryside. One day she will become an artist, showcasing all the raw beauty of what she holds dear in her memories. The opening of Eva bursts with passion fruit, bright and aromatic yet without any sweetness. Zesty petitgrain kicks into gear next, adding a touch of aromatic bitterness to the composition, the heart is full of lush orange blossom sprinkled with a pinch of aromatic ginger; the dry down is a warm powdery embrace of musk and sandalwood.

portraits des Femmes collection Lubin

Via unsplash

Perfumer Delphine Thierry painted two women, two olfactory portraits of femininity translated through different notes, structures, and personalities. Lubin Paris Anna is a bouquet of white flowers; the scent of happy days, blooming flowers and creamy skin.   Lubin Paris Eva smells of orange blossom heated by the sun, and warm afternoon in the Mediterranean garden, with a trace of musky accord as if it was delicate skin at the nape of the female neck.

Which is my favorite? Lubin Paris Anna or Eva? I cannot choose. Yesterday I started my day with zesty Eva and enjoyed spritzing Anna in the afternoon. Tonight, I’m going to bed wearing one on each wrist, and tomorrow I may just layer the two. Lubin Paris Anna and Eva each tell a story of sensuality, exploration, and above all, untainted joy. There is something familiar about these fragrances, as if a memory glances in front of you for a moment, making you feel like somewhere in time you have met her. A few centuries ago, there was a special recipe, made for a very special customer, perhaps she was a queen, but above all she was a woman.

Lubin Paris Anna: Pink grapefruit, marine accord, Bergamot, Rose, Ylang-Ylang, white Musk, ambroxide, Sandalwood

Lubin Paris Eva: passion fruit, petitgrain, lemon, Orange Blossom, Neroli, white Ginger, Amber, Musk, Sandalwood

Disclaimer: I’d like to thank Lubin Paris for providing me a bottle of Eva and Anna for a review. The opinions are my own.

Olya Bar, Contributor

Lubin Paris Anna and Eva

photo courtesy of Lubin Paris©

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