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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you won’t believe it but what I am looking for the most is for Lush Valentine’s Day collection because their products are always super fun and well, just amazing! Do you remember last year’s peach and eggplant bath products? By the way, the peach was also available in a soap version, which I loved! I’ve just checked and the peach bath bomb is actually still available!

I got three products from this year Valentine’s Day collection and took some pictures 😀

Prince Charming Shower Gel

“A perfect Valentine’s shower rinse. Fresh pomegranate juice will seduce your senses while marshmallow root rescues your skin.”

This shower gel is magical for several reasons, i) it is a bright magenta color gel – it looks like it comes right out of a fairy tale, ii) the first ingredient is marshmallow root and a vanilla pod infusion. I also really like the scent, this is not a sickening sweet scent but a rather delicate fragrance. I’m a fan!

Blow Me A Kiss Bubble Blower

For the past few months, I’ve started to love bubble bars more and more and now I actually prefer them over bath bombs (it used to be the opposite, i.e. I used to prefer bath bombs over bubble bars…haha)! The reasons is because I absolutely love and adore bathing in a hot bath filled with lots and lots of bubbles. I find this so comforting. I also find them more cost effective because you can use one bubble bar for 3-4 baths. 

This bar has a bergamot and fruity davana oil scent. I cannot really describe the scent but maybe it has a cherry scent to it?…Whatever it is, it is delightful and I love it!

Love Me Do Bath Bomb

This bath bomb gives the water a bright fuchsia color and has the most beautiful sent of rose! I haven’t used it yet but I let it sit on my desk and it makes my office smell so good 😀 that’s also why I love Lush products!!

Did you pick something from this collection?

Purchase info

Lush products can be purchase online at for Switzerland.

*contains some PR samples*

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