LVMH latest beauty maker to package in Eastman Renew material

It’s the first such partnership in luxury beauty for the new Eastman material. The Tennessee – based chemical company debuted its Renew line of copolyester materials in June 2020 with a material called Tritan Renew. Tritan is the name of an existing Eastman material

“Tritan’s toughness has been enabling durable, reusable products to reduce the waste from single-use materials since its introduction in 2008,” ​noted Scott Ballard, Vice President and General Manager for Eastman Specialty Plastics, last year when the Renew version of Tritan was announced. Learn more about Eastman’s molecular recycling technology for plastic beauty packaging here on

He went on to say that, “thanks to the rapid innovation of polyester renewal technology, Tritan Renew adds certified recycled content to its exceptional performance and delivers one of the most exciting sustainability solutions available.” ​And the company continues to update its plastic materials portfolio, adding in a portion of plastic recycled using molecular recycling technologies and renaming each material accordingly.

Eastman Chemical Company makes 20+ packaging materials with sustainable resin

The company now has a full portfolio of Renew-branded product packaging materials. And LVMH is the first luxury beauty maker to get product packed in a Renew material to market, the company is certainly not the first beauty maker to team up with Eastman in an effort to leverage Renew to help meet environmental sustainability goals.

As Cosmetics Design readers may recall, in late March of 2021, The Estée Lauder Companies announced plans to work with Eastman’s Renew materials. “We are excited to help [ELC] achieve their ambitious sustainability goals right now,” ​said Ballard. “Together, we can provide a shining example of what is possible today—not years in the future—to advance the circular economy,” ​as this publication reported​.

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