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Meet Jenn, Kristie & Ashley Streicher of STRIIIKE – OSEA® Malibu


This year has truly been unlike any other. Are there any selfcare rituals that have helped support you in these uncertain times?


I love a bath! And I have probably taken more baths this last year than I have in my whole life. I love trying different products and I love the way my skin feels after. I also found that getting into a good book really helps my mind to think about something else besides all the stresses this last year has brought.


In normal times I’m a big fan of going to the Korean spa and getting massages on a regular basis, especially because my line of work is taxing on my body after this long. So while being at home, I find that baths and skincare have been that replacement for me.


The most simple things such as a bath or even just a walk in my neighborhood. This year has definitely reminded us how little we actually control, learning how to let go of expectations has been a big one for me.

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