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Meet Sadie Radinsky, teen (!) author and founder of Whole Girl – OSEA® Malibu


We’re so excited to get our hands on your new book, available on February 2nd. Can you tell us a little about it and how it came to be?


Whole Girl: Live Vibrantly, Love Your Entire Self, and Make Friends with Food is a life empowerment for young women to help us embrace every part of ourselves. Each chapter focuses on a different “mood” that we all feel at one point or another, like Mad, Blue, Bossy, Unsure, Afraid, and gives us different ways to celebrate that mood. To me, a huge part of learning to love our entire selves is learning to love and accept all the ways that we feel. I wrote Whole Girl because, throughout my teen years, I have seen how harshly society treats young women. We’re constantly being marketed towards and made to feel incomplete – like we should be looking different, exercising more, eating less, putting on a happy face. I wanted to create a resource for young women that could help them appreciate all parts of themselves – not just the parts society deems acceptable. There wasn’t any book on the market focused on life empowerment for teens, by a teen, so I decided to write it myself. I started writing it as a freshman in high school. Now I’m a freshman in college, and I love to see how the book has grown up and evolved with me. The final product is a unique combination of insights, advice, practices, mindful movements, and delicious paleo treat recipes – all with the goal of helping us love and nourish our entire selves.

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